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JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ERA TDL" a complete cycle producer/manufacturer of woven polypropylene package. Sacks, polypropylene sacks, woven polypropylene sacks, bags, polypropylene bags, woven polypropylene bags, FIBC, flexible intermediate bulk container, soft specialized containers from polypropylene fabric, polypropylene fabric (sleeve/canvas), sack closing thread, bag closing thread, polypropylene, equipment for production from polymers.
Always on sale   Contact details JSC "ERA TDL" (69008, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya city, Zeyska str. 5).
Woven polypropylene sacks (bags)
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Flexible intermediate bulk container
Polypropylene fabric (sleeve/canvas)
Sacks (bag) closing thread

Flexible intermediate bulkcontainer (FIBC, big-bag) made of woven polypropylene fabric TU U 25.2-35105748-002: 2007

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your interest to our website, we hope that this visit is not accidental, and will not only answer questions you are interested in, but will bring you new partnership.
JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ERA TDL" successfully works in Ukrainian package market since 2001, and is one of the largest full cycle producers of polypropylene woven package.
Among the wide range of products that we produce main groups are: a woven polypropylene sacks
, and a flexible intermediate bulk

containers (FIBC, big-bag), made of woven polypropylene fabric (sleeves/canvas). Years of experience in packaging industry allows us to guarantee our clients not only the high quality and fast satisfaction of any requirements, but also professional advice and recommendations on the choice of packaging for their products.
JSC "ERA TDL" products meet the requirements of State Standard of Ukraine, The European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA), Typical UN Recommendations, has Hygienic conclusion SES, certificate of Conformity of packaging requirements of international and national regulations on dangerous cargo transportation and more. Also in view of ongoing development of packaging production technologies, our company develops and registers its own technical conditions.

Polypropylene woven bag, TU U 25.2-35105748-001: 2007 and/or DSTU 3748-98

Equipment line for manufacturing polymers products produced by Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

In addition, the company's production complex is an example of lines that are supplied by our Taiwanese partner, manufacturer, Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. Equipment certified according to the ISO 9001:2000. By visiting our factory, the buyer can actually evaluate the possibility of equipment and ensure a high level of quality. We invite you to see the production of woven polypropylene sacks and flexible intermediate bulk containers.

We are glad to express our sincere gratitude to our friends and partners for a long and productive work.
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